Zeljko NovakovicŽeljko Novaković was born on March 17, 1964 in Bosnia and Hercegovina. In his early ages he developed love for craft working and nature. Adventures spirit led him to Novi Sad, Serbia where he studied Technical Sciences. By the end of his studies wood crafts and furniture became his biggest interest followed by his love for photography.

After freelancing for a year working on various projects, Zeljko finally set up on his own. In 1991 with some experience behind him Zeljko Novakovic established Umetnicka radionica Novakovic in Petrovaradin, Novi Sad. 22 years later he is still working out of these large, well equipped workshops with a team of skilled cabinet makers.

For the past two decades Zeljko has worked on wide variety of interesting projects. Projects include large contracts in various private houses making handmade fitted kitchens, tables, chairs, TV sets, fitted wardrobes, bookcases, computer desks, display cabinets, bespoke mirrors, storage units.

Working with architects in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Geneva, we have produced high quality work for a number of discerning clients. Today, after 22 years, we continue to make wide variety of high quality interesting work, mainly by word of recommendation.


"While making furniture out of walnut, cherry or maple tree massive, I became aware of this noble nature's material ability to feel and talk back. In moments of this strange, but beautiful interaction unique pieces of furniture were born. Built for eternity, with great care, filled with energy of its creator for those who know how to appreciate hard-work and want a piece of pure nature in their homes.

Following the grain and rings, the interaction altered. Sometimes I just listened and followed their rules, and at times I had to tamed them. In this human-nature interplay creation of pieces sculptured in wood, with unusual shapes, lack of symmetry, even if sometimes at the core of idea it seemed impossible, happened."

Take a look at our designs or maybe You have an interesting idea that we can turn into masterpiece.


  • Designing and manufacturing of unique furniture out of massive;
  • Designing and manufacturing of all types of furniture out of colorful MDF;
  • Interior solutions;
  • Realization of your ideas;
  • Furnishing hotels, restaurants and other facilities of similar purpose;
  • Being responsible to both to social and ecological environment.


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